This is the most popular hairstyle in the UK right now, according to searches

While we were very happy to see pubs and shops reopen on 12 April, there was one thing, in particular, we were all desperate for – a haircut. Let’s face it, a good deal of us fell victim to dodgy DIY dye jobs or wonky hairlines. One London-based hairdresser even offered free cuts to customers to fix their lockdown hair mishaps.

But as we head back to hair salons to remove any sign of lockdown from our locks, what kind of styles are people asking for?

Well, data analysts at hair extension brand Milk + Blush did some research to find out which hairstyles people in the UK have been searching for the most. And, drum roll, please… it’s the bob.

The bob is a classic style that became particularly popular in the 1920s and we just keep on going back to it. In fact, it was deemed the world’s most popular hairstyle earlier this month.

Celeste bob hairstyle

The bob is easy to maintain and can be grown out into a ‘lob’ – long bob – should we ever find ourselves unable to go for a tidy-up trim again (it doesn’t bare thinking about!).

It can also be styled in a number of different ways, meaning you won’t run the risk of looking the same as everyone else. The length of a French bob typically falls around the mouth, whereas an asymmetric bob has one side longer than the other.

We can’t forget all the celebrities who have donned the most popular hairstyle over the years. Most recently, Halle Berry stunned at the Oscars with a short, choppy bob that made her one of the most memorable looks from the night. Other stars like Jennifer Lopez, Celeste, Adele and Kaia Gerber have also been fans of the hairstyle.

If chopping off that much hair feels a bit too risky, you might prefer the second most searched for hairstyle at the moment. Curtain bangs have been on-trend since we’ve been in and out of lockdowns. They’re easy to maintain and when they grow out, they don’t look awful.

Over the past week, 20 people per hour have been searching for curtain bangs on Google. They’re a good way of framing the face and isn’t too drastic to ease you back into that hairdresser’s chair.

The stylish pixie cut is also currently seeing a rise in popularity. Any guesses as to why? Of course, it’s all down to Vicky McClure rocking the cropped look in Line of Duty.