This hair salon is offering free haircuts to fix lockdown DIY hair mishaps

Who attempted to cut their own – or someone else’s – hair during lockdown and made an absolute hash of it? Let’s face it, it happened to the best of us and now we’ve got wonky edges and uneven ends. Londoners with unfortunate DIY hairdos are in luck though, as one London salon is offering to fix haircuts for free.

Hair salon Chop Chop is giving customers the chance to get a ‘corrective’ haircut done by a professional hairdresser. The salon launched a ‘National Hair Service’ campaign when non-essential retail reopened on 12 April. The campaign promises to fix dodgy DIY haircuts, for free.

Chop Chop hair salon
Chop Chop

For four weeks from 12 April, Chop Chop is offering 10 free haircuts per week across their three salons, for people ‘who have botched their do-it-yourself haircuts’.

To be in with a chance of winning a free haircut, Chop Chop has asked people to ‘slide into their DMs’ on Instagram with a picture of their bad haircut. You also have to give a short explanation of what the original idea for your hair was.

And don’t worry about them not being able to tame your mane. Chop Chop defines itself as ‘an exciting and inclusive haircare company’, which caters to all hair types and genders.

Kaye Sotomi, CEO and founder of Chop Chop, said: ‘With hair salons closed for so long I understand why many have picked up the scissors and clippers and had a go. All our stylists are eager to get back to work, and we thought starting a “National Hair Service” is a good way to celebrate reopening and save many people from more weeks of embarrassment.’ Yes, please!

The salon has branches in Old Street, Wembley and in Westfield Shepherd’s Bush. But Chop Chop is encouraging other hair salons across the country to offer their own versions of a National Hair Service.

London-based and in desperate need of a hairdo fix? You know what to do!