The real meaning behind the shapes on ZARA labels (and it has nothing to do with sizing)

Let’s face it, we always find something we like in a ZARA store and rarely leave empty handed. We love it – our bank accounts, not so much. Even royals and celebrities like the Duchess of Cambridge and Holly Willoughby can’t get enough of the high street giant. The brand has already put out some seriously hot buys this year, including its affordable bridal range and its own version of Carrie Bradshaw’s infamous newspaper dress. But there’s one thing about ZARA’s clothes that people question – the labels inside.

Zara store
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Rumours speculating on what the shapes found on ZARA labels might mean have circulated for a while, with many assuming it is some sort of code. This topic has been especially rife on TikTok, with the most common theory being that it relates to sizing.

If you’re not sure what we’re on about, take a look at the ZARA clothing in your wardrobe (we know you have at least one piece) and you’ll see that most of the sewn-in ZARA labels have either a square, circle or triangle on them.

Zara store
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The most commonly accepted theory on TikTok is that a circle means the item runs large, a triangle means it runs small and a square means it fits true to size.


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However, ZARA told the real meaning behind the shapes – and it turns out it has nothing to do with sizing: ‘These symbols reference specific sections within the store to support colleagues in knowing where to place items. Regarding the collections – circle: woman, square: basic and triangle: TRF.’

So there you have it, nothing to do with sizing but rather a handy code for ZARA employees to know where to hang items within a store. Mystery solved.

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