Amelia Liana gives us a first look at her new jewellery brand, RAEMI

In recent years, a growing number of fashion and lifestyle influencers have either founded their own jewellery brands or collaborated with existing fine and demi-fine jewellery brands.

The most recent? Beauty blogger turned all-round influencer Amelia Liana, who has just dipped her toe in the world of jewellery with the exciting launch of her new brand, RAEMI.

Amelia Liana

The beautiful collection, which was released on 9 December, features earrings, necklaces, bracelets, ear cuffs and rings and prices start at an affordable £35, with the most expensive pieces at £135.

Speaking of what inspired the collection, Amelia said, ‘I look to my Middle Eastern roots for inspiration in every part of my life; food, beauty, the importance of family. So those influences were always going to play a roll in RAEMI, the collection wouldn’t feel like mine otherwise. Everything from the designs and colour palette to the product names, even where the jewellery is made, were inspired by my heritage’.

Amelia has previously collaborated with jewellery brands like Mejuri and Skinnydip London and said that these collaborations ‘cemented the fact that my audience love jewellery, and just how much I wanted to be a designer and bring my own brand to the table’.

And Amelia was right, we do indeed love demi-fine jewellery and so we just had to quiz her on her new brand…

Amelia, for those not familiar, what does RAEMI mean?

RAE – Ray – is my Grandmother’s name. MI – me – represents the self, a reminder to look within for strength. The name Raymond, my grandmothers name, means the wise, the protector. The name RAEMI literally means, protect me, which is the intention of an evil eye. It was important to me that each piece reminds the wearer to feel empowered in their own journey.

Amelia Liana

What inspired you to launch a jewellery brand, rather than say a clothing collection?

Never say never! I feel as though jewellery can be worn with anything… I’ll be in no make-up, tracksuits and trainers but I’ve still got my jewellery on! I wanted to create pieces people could wear with anything.

And what makes RAEMI different to other jewellery brands?

Our brand ethos and the story behind the collection sets us apart – in part, it is a reflection of myself.

Amelia Liana

You said previously you’ve been working on this for five years – were you inspired by any other brands?

I’d say I took inspiration from styles of jewellery that I wear on rotation. When designing, I thought about trends and lifestyles in order to create timeless pieces that I thought people would cherish and want to wear all the time too.

One of your necklaces was originally unnamed, why was that?

I wanted to give one of my personal followers the opportunity to name the necklace. It has now been named Noor, which means “divine light” and it suits the piece perfectly! One of my followers Francesca came up with the name and left it in the comments on our Instagram.

If you had to choose, which is your favourite piece from the collection?

It changes everyday! At the moment, I’m loving our beautiful Ellesa earrings. They’re so versatile because you can wear as designed, or remove the charm, creating a chic huggie hoop adorned in ombre blue stones.

Amelia Liana

What piece of jewellery do you consider an ‘essential’?

I think an essential piece of jewellery is something you will every day for years on end, and never get tired of it. For me, I like layering, so simple, small hoop earrings and stacking rings are staples in my jewellery collection.

Lastly, can we expect another collection any time soon?

Stay tuned! We have lots of exciting things coming very soon… The next collection could already be in the works!

You can shop Amelia’s debut RAEMI collection here.