You can now visit the Nine Perfect Strangers house

One of our favourite TV shows at the moment has been Amazon Prime Video’s Nine Perfect Strangers, the eerie thriller series starring YOU’s latest cover star, Nicole Kidman. There are plenty of reasons why we can’t get enough of the show – including Kidman’s creepy character – but one of the most enticing parts is the property porn. There are some incredibly luxurious settings on display throughout the series, most notably, the magnificent resort home that is Tranquillum House. 

In the show, the resort isn’t the most relaxing place to be despite its name. In fact, it’s pretty unsettling. But one thing’s for sure, the location is breathtaking and so is the house itself. We’re talking high ceilings, marble floors and exceptional interiors that create an all-around idyllic atmosphere. Who wouldn’t want to live there even if it was just for a weekend? Well, it turns out you can. 


Believe it or not, Tranquillum House is a real place. Better yet, it is a real place that is open for the public to visit, meaning you could book your very own stay at the Nine Perfect Strangers house. 

While Nine Perfect Strangers is set in the fictional town of Cabrillo in California, the show was actually mostly filmed in New South Wales, Australia due to the pandemic and Tranquillum House itself was filmed in two separate locations. One part was filmed at a private residence called the Lune de Sang, which is described as, ‘a 146 hectares registered cabinet timber plantation located in the Hinterland of Byron Bay, some 25 kilometres due west of Australia’s easternmost point.’ The sad news is that this location isn’t open for guests to visit but the second location is. 


The remainder of the show was filmed at an existing wellness and yoga retreat near Byron Bay called Soma. Here, you’ll find all the dream facilities you could ask for including a freshwater pool, outdoor cinema, a communal firepit, and even a geodesic yoga dome for both yoga pros and beginners. Take a look at the promo video to spot some recognisable locations from the show… 

Obviously, the catch here is that a trip to Soma isn’t exactly affordable. There are different packages and deals depending on how long you want to stay and what you’re interested in during your stay but the Soma III advance, which is the mid-range trip offered by the resort will set you back a whopping £1,638.38 for three nights and four days, and that’s without your flights to Australia. 

Yes, we know. It’s not exactly the price of a staycation but it’s nice to know the possibility is there if we do end up winning the lottery one day…