Waitrose predicts this will be the dessert of the summer after recipe views are up over 400 per cent

Earlier this year, Waitrose reported that retro desserts were making a comeback, with searches for pineapple upside-down cake soaring. Well, it seems like the supermarket’s predictions were right as Waitrose is now seeing a massive rise in searches for another retro dessert – jelly.

You’re not alone if jelly and ice cream makes you think of schools dinners, hospital desserts or kids’ party puds. But Waitrose has predicted jelly will be the dessert of choice this summer after seeing searches for – and sales of – the wobbly stuff increasing compared to last year.


Customers have been searching for ‘jelly’ on Waitrose.com 49 per cent more year on year. Sales of jelly chilled desserts have also increased 21 per cent, with elderflower jelly standing out in particular. Some recipe views for the school dinner favourite are even up over a massive 400 per cent.

Raspberry jelly and orange jelly are proving the most popular flavours, Waitrose reports. Searches for the fruity gelatinous treats soared by 367 per cent and 206 per cent, respectively.

Sweet-toothed shoppers aren’t only after the pre-made goods, either. There’s been an increase in sales of gelatin, as well as recipes views for unusual jelly flavour combinations such as ‘Lychee Cream with Pomegranate Jelly’, ‘Creamy Fruit Jelly’ and ‘Strawberry and Elderflower Jelly’.

Waitrose jelly

Zoe Simons, Senior Development Chef at Waitrose, said: ‘Once a childhood treat, jelly is experiencing a comeback as customers look for comforting and nostalgic foods with a grown-up twist.

‘While ready-to-eat versions remain popular, we are also seeing people becoming more creative and making their own jelly from scratch to make a show-stopping dessert. Jelly adds a pop of colour to the table – and the Instagram feed.’

It is clear people are in a nostalgic mood at the moment, considering we’ve not been able to make many new memories during lockdown. Followers loved it when Waitrose posted this School Dinner Cake recipe on Instagram, reminiscing about the retro traybake in the comments.

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