Waitrose reports retro dessert comeback with searches for pineapple upside-down cake up 163 per cent

While the first lockdown back in March 2020 was all about banana bread, it seems that retro desserts are making a comeback for 2021 as bakers revisit staple puds from the past.

Perhaps, much like the next decade has been dubbed the second ‘roaring 20s’ as we return to a more care-free lifestyle post-lockdown, we’re also craving cakes and bakes from the era too.

pineapple upside-down cake

In fact, Waitrose reported a 163 per cent increase in recipe views for pineapple upside-down cake compared to last year, with their most popular recipe being one made with Muscovado sugar and lemon syrup.

Nigella Lawson also recently shared the retro dessert as her ‘recipe of the day’ on Instagram and the response was huge with fans commenting, ‘I remember my mum making this for special occasions’ and ‘So so old school!’

Waitrose added: ‘Nigella advocates tinned pineapple rings, but to avoid food waste bakers can use almost any ripe fruit to get the moist sponge. Serve with vanilla ice cream for a weekend treat’.

The pineapple upside-down cake can also be created with a variety of fruits including pears, plums, nectarines or cherries.

Other retro desserts, like sticky toffee pudding and cherry pie, are also making a comeback with Waitrose reporting that sales of these classics increased by 60 per cent in December 2020.

But what about ‘School Dinner Cake’? Waitrose shared the foolproof traybake on their Instagram and fans couldn’t get enough. In fact, searches for the sponge pudding were up a massive 888 per cent at the end of last year, and bread and butter pudding was up by 349 per cent on the Waitrose website.

In the supermarket’s Food and Drink Report, Executive Chef Martyn Lee highlighted how in 2020, ‘an increase in the importance of food and its power to bring us together has pushed many of us back to old fashioned meal planning and recipes’.

Comfort food and nostalgia are well and truly back then and they’re delicious.