Overnight Weetabix: We try the latest TikTok breakfast trend

TikTok trends have ruled our lives for a couple of years now – basically, ever since the pandemic started. Last year, Sainsbury’s even found that our supermarket shopping habits had changed considerably to include items for the most popular foodie social media videos. There was the baked feta pasta, four-way wrap hack and baked oats to name a few. And just a month into the new year, there’s already a new food that’s gone viral: overnight Weetabix.

Move over overnight oats, because breakfast is now all about this new take on Weetabix. The hashtag #overnightweetabix has surpassed 15.8 million views on TikTok, with people claiming it ‘tastes like cheesecake’.

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With statements as bold as this, and as a cheesecake lover, I just had to try out the TikTok overnight Weetabix trend for myself.

I used personal trainer Chloe Sawyer’s ‘high-protein’ recipe for guidance, which has amassed a massive 1.3 million TikTok views since it was posted on 16 January. The basic recipe involves two pieces of Weetabix, milk, yogurt and protein powder, but you can spruce it up with other flavours and toppings.


Overnight Weetabix! Perfect Breakfast over 40g of protein ? #macros #mealideas #breakfast #flexibledieting #fatloss #gym #fitness

♬ original sound – chloesawyer907

First off, get a shallow dish or container (I used tupperware) and crumble two pieces of Weetabix in it. Next, I added 80ml of almond milk, but you can use any milk of your choice. Mix together until combined and push down to the base like you would with a cheesecake… Okay, so far the cheesecake similarities are holding up.

TikTok Overnight Weetabix
Kanika Banwait

In a separate bowl, combine yogurt and protein powder. Chloe suggests using 200g of Greek yogurt, but this felt like too much for me, so I reduced by about 50g. The Greek yogurt is essential though, for creating a creamier texture.

Then you add protein powder to the yogurt, although it won’t affect the flavour much if you skip this step. Because I have a ridiculously sweet tooth, I also squeezed in a couple of drops of vanilla extract.

TikTok Overnight Weetabix
Kanika Banwait

The next step is to scoop the yogurt mixture on to the Weetabix base and spread it across evenly. I then topped it off with slices of banana and a rather large spoonful of Lotus Biscoff spread, which I had melted slightly in the microwave.

Pop the Weetabix creation in the fridge overnight and voila, you’ve got a protein-packed breakfast to tuck into the next day. I can confirm, it does bare a strong resemblance to cheesecake – if the cheesecake was a bit malty in flavour.

TikTok Overnight Weetabix
Kanika Banwait

I didn’t completely crush the Weetabix so there was a still a bit of crunch, which worked well in contrast to the smooth and creamy yogurt topping. All in all, it’s a solid breakfast for those looking to easily up their protein-intake.

Another user, @thathealthjunkie, posted a video of her take on the trend with banoffee pie-flavoured overnight Weetabix. There are loads of alternative flavours you could make, from Oreo to strawberry cheesecake.


this trend rekindled my love for weetabix ? #breakfast #healthy #overnightweetabix #fyp

♬ original sound – Atsuko Okatsuka

I’m not a fan of big, super-filling breakfasts, so I had planned to leave half of my overnight Weetabix for another day. 20 minutes later, I’d worked my way through the whole tub. So I guess it’s a thumbs up from me…