This ‘four-way tortilla wrap’ hack is going viral on social media

If you’re finding yourself stuck in a lockdown lunch rut, alternating between the same old sandwiches and salads, then let us introduce you to a genius foodie hack that’ll transform your mealtimes: the four-way tortilla hack.

tortilla hack
Waitrose & Partners

Originating on clip-based social site TikTok and quickly going viral across the rest of social media, the trend involves taking a tortilla wrap and using a clever quartering and folding technique to divide the wrap into four, placing a different filling in each section. Ideal if you can never decide on just one topping!

To start, take your large tortilla and slice halfway down before covering each of the four quarters with the fillings of your choice. Then take the cut edge of the tortilla and fold it over each section in a clockwise direction in turn, until you have a triangle. Now you’re ready to pan-fry or toast your tortilla and tuck in!


The four-ingredient tortilla is the perfect way to change up lockdown lunches, as well as use up any food or leftovers in the fridge.

Since the genius cooking tip took off, Waitrose has seen sales of wraps and flatbreads soar by 37 per cent and online searches by 189 per cent.

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Zoe Simons, Waitrose innovation chef, says: ‘Many of us are making more meals at home than ever before and this simple layering hack is a fun experiment to try for lunch. Tortilla wraps are a store cupboard staple and it’s brilliant to see people sharing new ways to enjoy them.

‘All kinds of ingredients will work for this, but my top tip is to make sure the balance is right. Ensure you have creamy, tangy and savoury flavours, as well as crunchy and soft textures, for the perfect wrap.’

These are Zoe’s top filling combos for the perfect lunchtime wrap using the viral tortilla hack:

  1. A French classic, the Croque Madame: Wiltshire ham, grated gruyère, a mix of Dijon mustard and crème fraîche and sliced cheddar cheese topped with a fried egg.
  2. A Mediterranean twist: spicy ‘nduja and creamy burrata work well with milano salami and rocket.
  3. A New York twist: salt beef, sauerkraut, Emmental and mustard.
  4. A modern cheese toastie: cheddar cheese, kimchi, grated mozzarella and tahini.
  5. A flavourful veggie version: sliced beetroot, goat’s cheese, black garlic and rocket.
  6. A Middle Eastern-inspired take: feta, falafel, houmous and zaatar.