You’re officially posh if you own one of these IKEA items

IKEA may not be the first place we think of when predicting where ‘posh’ people shop for their furniture – we imagine they’re much more likely to be browsing the wares of Meghan Markle-approved Soho Home, or picking out accessories in their local West Elm, for example.

However, according to society bible, Tatler, there are a few select items from the Swedish furniture chain that will earn you ‘posh’ status.

poshest items at IKEA
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That’s right, while the meatballs and flat-pack furniture may not have made it on the must-have list for the upper class elites, the magazine has admitted that IKEA has in fact also become the ultimate destination for ‘toffs hunting for a bargain.’

Don’t believe us? See for yourselves. Tatler has listed nine handpicked items which have been named IKEA’s ‘poshest’ offerings and by the looks of them, they are very fitting. We’re talking vintage looking wing chairs, Game of Thrones-esque sheepskin rugs, a chandelier fit for a royal dining room, champagne flutes, armchairs, wool throws and fancy bowls.

In fact, even some of our favourite (and very wealthy) celebrities love shopping at the purse-friendly furniture shop. Back in 2014, Hollywood royalty Jennifer Lawrence revealed in an interview with The Telegraph that she had bought her sofa from IKEA, while Kanye West told BBC Radio One last year that he dreams of a collaboration with the Swedish company, saying ‘I have to work with IKEA.  Make furniture for interior design, for architecture.’

Oh, and a fan once spotted Eddie Redmayne and his wife Hannah Bagshawe in a local IKEA in Birmingham – so its safe to say no one can deny their charming (and cheap!) offerings.

So, what are you waiting for? Transform your home into a posh haven for less by picking up the items below…


Strandmon Wing chair, £225, IKEA


Moalie Throw, £45, IKEA


Skold Sheepskin Rug, £50, IKEA


Örtofta Chandelier, £100, IKEA


Stockholm Pouffe, £195, IKEA


Benarp Armchair, £225, IKEA


Koldby Cow hide, £180, IKEA


Stockholm Bowl, £12, IKEA

 Konungslig Champagne Glasses, £6, IKEA