No7 has launched its first ever skincare capsules and they’re genius

Skincare capsules have a number of unique benefits, namely that they deliver the perfect amount of product (single dose, no waste), and that they are really great for travel. Ideal for those who struggle to make space in their carry-on, you can just pop in a handful of capsules into your beauty bag and you’re good to go. So it makes sense that everybody’s favourite Boots brand No7 has now developed their own line of skincare capsules. 

This is the first time the brand has taken a step into the world of capsules, and they appear to have put a lot of thought into each of their options; of which there are four. As part of the No7 Advanced Ingredients line, these pots contain little capsules which are made from a material that’s 95% plant-derived (and completely plastic-free), and house targeted serums inside for different skin concerns or conditions. 

First up, there are the Squalane capsules, which are designed to smooth and nourish. Squalane is an excellent moisture-locking ingredient, which helps to strengthen and rebuild the skin barrier and prevent water loss. For this reason, these are a great option for those with dehydrated complexions.


No7 Advanced Ingredients SQUALANE Facial Capsules, £20, Boots

Next, we have the Vitamin C and Vitamin E capsules to glow and lift. Vitamin C is commonly known to brighten and improve any areas of pigmentation, while also protecting the complexion from outside aggressors like pollution. Vitamin E is a fellow antioxidant, and also has moisturising and healing properties. 


No7 Advanced Ingredients VITAMIN C & VITAMIN E Facial Capsules, £20, Boots

Thirdly, No7 has launched its Hyaluronic Acid & Camellia Oil capsules. We all know about the wondrous benefits of hyaluronic acid, particularly when it comes to keeping skin hydrated and plumped. Camellia oil is also a great moisturiser and a source of fatty acids which are brilliant for skin. 

No7 Advanced Ingredients HYALURONIC ACID & CAMELLIA OIL Facial Capsules, £20, Boots

Last but certainly not least is the Ceramide & Peptides option, which is great for those concerned with fine lines or lack of firmness. These ingredients work alongside to reduce signs of ageing, including wrinkles and loss of elasticity. 

No7 Advanced Ingredients CERAMIDE & PEPTIDES Facial Capsules, £20, Boots

Whichever capsules you try, it’s worth giving these a go, particularly for when travel is back on the cards.