These four UK beaches have been named among the most beautiful beaches in the world

With prospects for international travel still up in the air, many of us are planning our UK-based staycations for the summer. Naturally, the first places that come to mind involve sun, sand and sea – and we at least have the latter two in abundance here in the UK, even if the weather may not quite resemble the Caribbean climate you’re dreaming of.

This year, British beachside holidays are on the agenda for all of us and to make the holiday planning process easier for us all, TripAdvisor has released a list of the most stunning beaches around the world, according to their expert data. And guess what – four of them are right here in the UK, meaning planning a trip to one these coastal locations will ensure you make the most of your summer on home soil.

While you may have been hoping to be making your grand return to airports this year, there are plenty of pros to staycations. Not only are they much more convenient to arrange and can often be left to the last minute to put together, but it also means you’ll be travelling sustainably and doing your bit for the environment.

Back in 2019, Bournemouth beach was officially named among the best in the world and it looks like it has made the 2021 list, too. The list, which has been compiled based on the ‘the quality and quantity of reviews and ratings from TripAdvisor travellers for beaches, gathered over a 12-month period,’ includes 25 European destinations. But here are the UK-based beaches worth visiting this summer… 

Bournemouth beach, Dorset

Bournemouth beach
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Described by TripAdvisor customers as a ‘stunningly beautiful and well maintained beach that stretches for miles,’ Bournemouth is one of the top 20 beaches in Europe according to the travel platform.

Porthminster beach, St Ives, Cornwall

Porthminster beach
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If you thought you’d have to go abroad to see palm trees, then think again. This Cornish beach can make you feel as though you’re in Bali on a hot summer’s day. That’s exactly why it has been crowned the 10th best beach in Europe.

Perranporth beach, Cornwall

Perranporth beach
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This gorgeous beach is three miles long and collides with the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, making it a hot spot for surfers. So, if you’re after an active staycation, this is one for you. 

Filey beach, North Yorkshire

Filey beach
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If you’re after a sandy beach with panoramic views, then believe it or not but you can head to North Yorkshire. Filey beach, which is located in a small town near Scarborough, is reminiscent of the gold coast (ish) and stretches out over five miles.