Lotus Biscoff has just launched two new ice cream flavours

Lotus Biscoff has had some fair time in the spotlight over the past few years, reaching Nutella levels of spread stardom. It became so popular, Marks and Spencer even created a Biscoff Colin the Caterpillar cake. Nestle was another brand to jump on the Biscoff bandwagon, using it to launch Lotus Biscoff Kit Kats. But now fans have two totally new products to get excited about, and they’re ideal for summer.

Biscoff has introduced two new mouth-watering flavours to its range, in the form of ice cream. What better timing with these warm-weather spells? Move over Biscoff-flavoured baked oats, this is the best new way to eat those tempting caramel biscuits this summer.

Taking inspiration from the classic caramelised biscuit, the two new ice cream flavours are Chocolate Brownie and Salted Caramel. Each 460ml tub is made from a combination of Lotus Biscoff ice cream. It’s also packed with swirls of Lotus Biscoff spread and crunchy biscuit pieces.

Lotus Biscoff brownie ice cream
Lotus Biscoff

In the Chocolate Brownie ice cream, you can find the addition of chunky chocolate brownie pieces. And, you guessed it, there are pieces of salted caramel in the Salted Caramel tub.

Lotus Biscoff salted caramel ice cream
Lotus Biscoff

The new Lotus Biscoff ice cream flavours can be found exclusively in Heron Foods and B&M stores for just £3. And the good news is, you don’t have to wait long for them to hit the shelves! The ice creams will be available to buy from 1 April. These ice creams are expected to fly off the shelves, so you might want to keep them stashed in the freezer for those warm summer days ahead.

If you can’t get to a shop or simply miss out on the chance to grab the new ice creams, you can have a go at making your own Biscoff ice cream with this recipe. Or if you’re looking for a showstopper pud, this frozen Biscoff cheesecake will do the trick (and couldn’t be easier to make).