A white chocolate and Biscoff Colin the Caterpillar cake now exists

M&S’s Colin the Caterpillar cake is a staple feature of the great British birthday, whether it’s being celebrated with colleagues in the office or friends and family at home.

In fact, Colin is so popular that over the years we’ve seen the creation of his wife Connie, the launch of wedding cakes, Easter and Christmas versions and even a delivery service that enabled us all to still enjoy a celebratory slice of Colin during closedown.

Colin the caterpillar

So it only makes sense that home bakers have started to whip up their own twists on a traditional Colin, including a new vegan white chocolate and Biscoff version that’s winning hearts (and stomachs) across the country.

The genius creation is the brainchild of Beth, who runs the @vecreationrecipes Instagram account, and wanted to create a vegan version of the traditional chocolate treat. Using clever substitutes such as aquafaba (or chickpea water) instead of eggs, and Sainsbury’s own brand vegan white chocolate, she’s come up with a bake than even those who aren’t vegan will be desperate to sample.

Beth entered her ‘Charlie’ cake into Vegan Food UK’s Veganised Recipe of the Week competition, which, unsurprisingly, she won, and now the full recipe has been shared so you can recreate it in your kitchen too (swipe the post above for the instructions).

And not content with bringing the concept of a white chocolate caterpillar cake into our worlds, she’s also come up with a fully vegan version of the classic Colin the Caterpillar cake, with dark chocolate, oat milk and Naturli vegan block butter – and followers are equally wowed.

Beth’s recipes have caused such a stir that she’s since had to issue a statement explaining that she doesn’t actually make the Charlie cakes to sell, but has posted the recipes on her website, where she also has methods for vegan versions of everything from fondant fancies to cherry bakewell tarts.

Whether you’re vegan yourself, or just intrigued by the white chocolate and Biscoff wonder that is the Charlie, we think we’ve just found your next weekend baking project…