Lidl has launched its own mochi ice cream balls for a fraction of the price of Little Moons

You may be inclined to pass TikTok off as a place where teenagers just do silly things, but the social media platform has been responsible for some of the biggest fashion, beauty and food trends in the past year. Whether it was the baked oats, feta pasta or tortilla wrap hack, many of us have tried the latest viral food crazes on TikTok.

So much so, that Lidl has announced it will be releasing its very own version of one of the most recent viral food items – mochi ice cream balls.

Lidl mochi ice cream balls

Mochi balls are a Japanese dessert consisting of an ice cream ball wrapped in a rice dumpling. The gooey blobs became a hit on TikTok, which particularly showcased mochi balls from the Little Moons brand.

TikTok users recorded themselves going on desperate searches for the little ice creams. When they finally got their hands on them, they taste-tested the mochi balls and often gave a rating out of 10 for flavour.


I WISH I GOT MOREEEE!!! #littlemoons

♬ original sound – nis

Little Moons mochi ice cream balls can be bought from Ocado, Tesco and other supermarkets for £4.50. But just in time for the warmer summer weather, you will be able to buy a cheaper alternative at Lidl for just £2.99.

Lidl’s Vitasia Mochi Ice Cream will be available in packs of six and will come in four flavours: mango, vanilla, chocolate and coconut.

After the success of the sweet treats on TikTok, Little Moons sales rocketed a massive 700 per cent at Tesco. This isn’t the first time TikTok has caused a brand’s sales to surge, either. Sales of Isle of Paradise refill pouches increased 250 per cent and CeraVe sales were up 321 per cent at Boots because of the video-based social media site.

Lidl mochi ice cream balls

Shoppers can find the Japanese-inspired desserts in the frozen section of Lidl stores nationwide, from 3 June. They could be the perfect thing to cool you down on a hot summer’s day…