Jamie Oliver 7 Ways: Everything we know so far about the brilliant new cookbook

Jamie Oliver has penned many a cookbook over the years, with the nation regularly pushing titles like his 5 Ingredients, Veg and 30-Minute Meals tomes to bestseller success.

And now the celebrity chef has just announced his latest book: 7 Ways. Taking to Instagram to share the news with his 8.2 million followers, Jamie spoke candidly to the camera about his new book while showing a sneaky peek behind-the-scenes of the book production process, revealing that they are in the final stages of the process and that it will be out 20 August 2020.

In the video, Jamie explained the concept of the book, which is based around the top ingredients Brits love to buy right now: ‘This is the first book where I’ve ever been inspired to look at data of what actually you guys do. So I’ve been studying what do you guys, en masse, buy most weeks, always. And then I created chapters out of those things.

‘Fantastic things to do with potatoes, peppers, whole chicken, we’ve got avocado. These are all these common things that you guys are buying and then I’ve done seven exciting ways with them and they’re all really easy… minimal ingredients, really, really simple and nice, exciting dishes.’

Jamie has identified 18 ingredients overall that us Brits buy week in, week out and created 7 exciting and tasty recipes for each week – that’s a whopping 126 recipes to add to our kitchen repertoire. Other ingredients the chef has based the recipes in his new book around include salmon fillets, mince, eggs, broccoli and mushrooms.

Jamie Oliver 7 Ways

7 Ways: Easy Ideas for Every Day of the Week, £13, Amazon

From fakeaways to traybakes, family and freezer favourites, at least 70 per cent of the recipes are considered ‘everyday options’, meaning they are both easy to knock up at the end of the day as well as being nutritionally balanced.

Instagram/Jamie Oliver

Even better, each recipes uses a minimal amount of ingredients, meaning these are practical, no-fuss recipes that will work seamlessly with our current shopping habits. Jamie, you’re onto a winner.

7 Ways is available to pre-order from Amazon now.