Is Meghan Markle launching a beauty line?

Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s exit from the Royal Family almost two years ago in 2020, the former royal couple have successfully launched themselves as global entrepreneurs. They famously bagged a Netflix TV deal, podcast contract with Spotify and even written a children’s book. Now rumours are circulating that Meghan Markle is going one step further and launching her own beauty brand.

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The rumour mill started after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were spotted meeting Bill Guthy, the co-founder of marketing company Guthy-Renker, several times this year; they were even photographed visiting his estate. While it may be that Bill is simply a friend of the couple, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that Guthy-Renker is the marketing firm responsible for some of the biggest celebrity cosmetic brands out there, including Jennifer Lopez’ JLo Beauty and Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty. On its website it claims to have ‘blazed the trail for celebrity influencers’ so it certainly means business.

While Prince Harry has been present at the meetings with Bill Guthy, it’s likely to be The Duchess of Sussex who is planning the beauty move. She is known for her love of skincare and beauty and has long impressed with her range of make-up and hair looks. She famously employed George Northwood to create her iconic wedding hair and counts A-List facialists Kate Somerville and Sarah Chapman among her close, personal friends.

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So what can we expect should the rumours of a Meghan Markle beauty brand be true? Well, the Duchess tends to go very natural with her look with matte lipstick that has just a hint of pink, rosy-cheek blush and dark eye make-up. She’s also a fan of the iconic YSL Touché Eclat illuminated pen so may well be planning a version of it herself.