This Zara dress is so popular it’s got its own Instagram account

Back in April, we reported that everyone on Instagram (and in real life) was wearing one particularly popular Zara dress.

It was of course, none other than the infamous long-sleeved white polka dot printed midi, and it seems the trend is still going strong throughout the summer as the chic frock keep popping up everywhere – and we mean, everywhere.

In fact, the frenzy has become so great that the garment has now been given its very on Instagram account. Yes, you read that correctly – there is an entire Instagram account dedicated to the £40 dress, with pictures of countless people wearing it out and about.

The account @hot4thespot, which describes itself as ‘a safe safe for *the dress*, was first launched back in May and has since amassed 1,430 followers. Its feed consists of hilarious posts with people wearing this summer’s ‘it’ dress.

For those who aren’t familiar with it (though we doubt there are any of you left out there) the in-demand dress features a midi style, with a button back and a ruffled hem, as well as mid-length sleeves making it perfect for the ever-changing British weather.

Oh, and it is also the definition of versatile – whether you top it off with a jumper and trainers, dress it up with statement jewellery and kitten heels or go professional with a blazer for the office, we can’t think of many scenarios where it wouldn’t work. So it’s no wonder the flowing, round neck dress has proved to be THE look of 2019.

Zara white polka dot dress

Printed Dress, £39.99, Zara

According to the Instagram page, food festivals, brunches and public transport appear to be the top places the dress has been spotted, though we’re sure you’ve seen it all over the place. But interestingly, its popularity doesn’t seem to be putting anyone off. In fact one person pointed this out, tweeting: ‘Ha yes I bought it too after reading a lot of articles entitles Why is Everyone Wearing this Dotty Dress? Zara!’

Similarly, writer and podcaster Bethany Rutter made a good point about the inclusivity of the dress, tweeting: ‘Realised i’m finding the Zara spotty dress phenomenon comforting bc thin ppl are experiencing the plus size fashion situation where we’re all wearing the same clothes from the same places.’

Writer Lauren Bravo said she’d spotted the dress on four separate people at Taste of London, but her record was beaten by Kat McKenna, who counted five.

Can you top that number? Because if so, we reckon @hot4thespot would like to hear from you…