Selling Sunset’s Heather Rae El Moussa shares difficult fertility journey

We love keeping up with the ladies of the Oppenheim group from Netflix’s Selling Sunset. Even when we’ve already watched all of the episodes from the latest season, we can’t help but check out their social media profiles to see what they’re up to.

Since the end of last year, Selling Sunset real-estate agent Heather Rae El Moussa (nee Young) has been very open about her fertility journey. The 34-year-old married real-estate investor and TV presenter Tarek El Moussa, 40, in 2021 but revealed she started the egg-freezing process two years ago.

Heather and Tarek Selling Sunset
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Sharing a post to Instagram on 31 December 2021, she said: ‘I started my egg freezing journey two years ago but this year it’s really different and my mindset has shifted along the way.

‘Sharing my journey was something I struggled with because every women’s experience is so different and I know some women go through a lot harder things but I decided I wanted to be vulnerable and real with you guys. This is something I think can be really empowering.’

Heather continued: ‘I want to be strong for other women out there and help guide them through this because it’s a subject that’s not talked about enough. So I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my journey and I hope you all can benefit from it and feel empowered by it.’

Recently, Heather shared another update that included ‘not the best’ news. In her Instagram story, she revealed: ‘So I do have follicles that are growing – I have a total of five, but one of them looks like it’s not going to be mature enough to extract. So we have two that are strong, one that is still growing, and another one that is still growing, so I have four that are looking decent.’

The Selling Sunset star continued: ‘Not the best number, so I’m going to talk to my doctor a little later and see if it’s even worth extracting to create the embryo or if we are going to have to do another round, which, obviously it’s not the most fun thing to go through, so I’m really hoping for some good news later when I talk to my doctor.’

Heather, who is step-mum to Tarek’s son and daughter, admitted ‘this process isn’t easy and isn’t ideal but I’m trying to have a positive mindset about it.’ She also encouraged her followers to share their own advice and stories if they were going through something similar, or previously had.

Heather was supported by her fellow Selling Sunset stars on social media, who commented on her post.

Amanza Smith said: ‘I love you guys. Stay strong my sweet smiley girl. Gods got you!’

Mary Fitzgerald, who has also discussed fertility on the show, wrote: ‘So happy for you babe! I’m next, well if I stop procrastinating that is! haha.’