Dry shampoo for clothes exists and it’s ‘life-changing’

Okay, so it’s not the same as a freshly showered and scrubbed head of hair, but giving your mane a quick refresh with a spray of dry shampoo is the perfect solution if you don’t have time for the full works. Now a new product is claiming to perform the same speedy miracle on your clothes, with equally ‘life-changing’ results.

Day2 Dry Wash Spray is designed to breathe new life into clothes that have been worn, but aren’t quite ready for the washing machine just yet. The creators came up with the concept after discovering 40 per cent of clothes that go into the washing machine are not actually dirty – the ones that start on the ‘chairdrobe’ or the ‘floordrobe’ that nearly half of us admit to having in our home.

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Inspired by this statistic, they came upwards with a spray that freshens, drops creases and revives softness, to give you the confidence to extend your favourite pieces to an extra day of wear. Even better, every bottle helps save 60 litres of water (a full wash load) so it helps save time, money, water and energy. The bottles are also powered by air, meaning they are carbon neutral when sprayed.

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Gemma Cleland, UK VP Homecare for Unilever explains: ‘We wanted to revolutionise laundry with a really simple concept; dry shampoo for your clothes. Helping you to get more wear in-between washes, Day2 is great for gym-goers who want to give their gear a quick refresh, for frequent travellers who are looking for a crease-free holiday look and for fashionistas with a wardrobe full of tricky-to-clean items such as cashmere or embellished pieces.’

Day2 Dry Wash Spray, £7.50, Day2

Reviewers who’ve already got their hands on a can say that it does exactly what is says on the… well, can, with one writing: ‘Love it and use it daily! Life-changing.’

‘I was somewhat sceptical of this product, but the reviews persuaded me to try it,’ said another. ‘I don’t need to use very much on my clothes for them to smell wonderful and extend the washing days. I don’t use it very often but when I do I’m very impressed.’

There are some limitations: the original spray can’t be used on silk, suede, lyocell, viscose, rayon or modal, so be sure to check the label before you spritz. However, there are two other tailored versions for denim and even your delicates, so most, if not all of your wardrobe, should be covered. And if that means an eco-friendlier laundry cycle with less effort on our part, we’re all for it.