BEAUTY KNOWHOW: Our hair saviour, dry shampoo, just got better

Dry shampoo? Yes please! This quick-fix helper is becoming a styling staple.

Dry shampoo is one of my beauty non-negotiables; a practical staple, it’s an easy blow-dry extender, hair refresher and time saver.

dry shampoo
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Clearly, it’s also a stalwart for many, as at Space NK sales of dry shampoo are up 95 per cent since this time last year. Its bestseller Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (from £10, is my favourite, too – and has just had a revamp. Don’t panic – if you think PHD is perfect as it is, the original isn’t going anywhere, it’s just that now it has Perfect Hair Day Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo (from £13, to stand alongside it.

living proof dry shampoo

This newer offering is more about cleaning the hair as if you are shampooing without water, rather than simply mopping up oils and adding volume. It grabs the dirt, which can then be brushed out rather than masking it, and you won’t feel residue in your hair afterwards. Plus it leaves my hair incredibly shiny. A new nozzle also means a finer mist and distribution of product, so it’s easier to rub in – and even better for darker hair tones. However, if you prefer more volume to your dry shampoo, then the original is probably the best one for you. From next year the brand is partnering with TerraCycle so all the packaging components can be repurposed.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Joia Dry ShampooIf you want a cheery fragrant option, (from £14, has its signature sweet caramel, vanilla and jasmine perfume – and no white cast when applied. Or, of course, there’s always the Batiste Original (£3.25,, which is available in different aromas or a volume version. It’s the UK’s top seller and for good reasons: it works brilliantly and is very inexpensive.

batiste dry shampooFor a very eco choice try Foamie Dry Shampoo powder (£6,, which is housed in a cardboard container and is dispensed via one hole at the top – as it doesn’t come pouring out, you can shake it directly on to hair, I find. It comes in two shades – Berry Blonde and Berry Brunette – and uses finely ground rice and orange peel to soak up those hair oils. OK, it isn’t quite as powerful an option as an aerosol offers but it does work.

foamie dry shampooA brilliant balance

Another top-selling beauty product that’s reaping the benefit of a renewed focus is Neal’s Yard Women’s Balance essential oil blend (£15.50). Its truly splendid aroma, which is a mix of relaxing patchouli, uplifting geranium, nurturing rose and rejuvenating frankincense, is one of those smells that you just want to keep inhaling and instantly helps me to feel grounded, centred, together and calm.

Neal’s Yard Women’s Balance massage oilSo I’m very happy to tell you that it’s now also to be found in a range of body-care products, which includes Massage Oil (£14), Bath Salts (£15), Shower Oil (£19.50), Foaming Bath (£15) and Body Cream (£30, all Frankly, I could wallow and slather myself in these all day long.

Neal’s Yard Women’s Balance bath salts