There are two new Daisy May Cooper shows on the way

Hands up who rewatched This Country at least five times during lockdown? It’s one of those uplifting, comfort TV shows we need in hard times, and the show’s star Daisy May Cooper has definitely been elevated to national treasure status in recent years (if you don’t follow her on Instagram, you should).

Now, we’ve got details of not one, but two new BBC shows starring Daisy – and they both sound absolutely brilliant.

daisy may cooper
BBC Pictures

First up, there’s a new six-part ‘comedy thriller’ called Am I Being Unreasonable?

Am I Being Unreasonable? centres around the friendship between Nic and Jen, played by Daisy and Grantchester’s Selin Hizli (pictured above). According to the synopsis, Nic is grieving a loss that she can’t share with anyone while stuck in a depressing marriage – with only her son Ollie keeping her going.

‘When Jen arrives in town her life is lit up with laughter, and through this kindred soul her dark secret starts to bubble up’ the synopsis continues.

The cast also includes Jessica Hynes (There She Goes), Dustin Demri-Burns (Cardinal Burns, The Great), Amanda Wilkin (The Split), David Fynn (Game of Thrones), Juliet Cowan (Back to Life), Ruben Catt (Ted’s Top Ten), and Karla Crome (Under the Dome).

the witchfinder
BBC Pictures

Images have also been released for The Witchfinder, a new original comedy series for BBC Two, which stars Daisy alongside Tim Key. It follows a witchfinder and his suspect on a road-free road trip through England, which is gripped by civil war, famine and plague.

The witchfinder discovers that his captive is the worst possible travel companion: an inquisitive, uncouth woman whose ability to prick his pomposity and ask uncomfortable questions turns a straightforward journey into a life-changing ordeal. Sounds good, right?

We don’t have confirmed release dates for either of the TV shows yet, but will keep an eye out for more details.