Zara’s Chloé perfume dupe is on sale for only £7.99

Since its launch decades ago, Chloé’s eponymous eau de parfum has been one of the bestselling fragrances in the country, with thousands of us smitten by its vintage-inspired scent.

But now there’s another bottle on the block that fragrance fans say is a dead ringer for the iconic formula, and it sells for a fraction of the cost.

According to customers who’ve already spritzed it, Zara’s Powdery Magnolia EDT is a perfect Chloé perfume dupe, mimicking its fresh, floral and slightly fruity notes with every application.

On the website, the perfume has a five-star rating for the comparison, with one impressed commenter writing: ‘Smells exactly the same just doesn’t last as long. Be sure to keep a bottle in your bag to top up during the day! Good purchase as it is a fraction of the price of Chloé.’

‘100 per cent smells like Chloé,’ agrees another.

The similarity of the Zara Chloé perfume dupe is also noted on Fragrantica, where one reviewer writes that Powdery Magnolia is ‘exactly the same’ as Chloé.

Chloé perfume dupe

Chloé Eau de Parfum For Her, £72, Boots

Both perfume blends carry peony, rose and cedar as key ingredients, and have the same powdery dry down that gives Chloé its signature retro finish.

The general consensus seems to be that the more affordable Zara option doesn’t have the same longevity as the designer original. However, when you consider that it costs £15.99 for 100ml, compared with £75 for 50ml of the Chloé version, you can see how it might still pay to spray little and often. The Zara perfume is on sale at the moment, too, at half price.

Even the bottle will look equally chic on your dressing table, with the same clear glass, simple, elegant cap and cream ribbon detail.

Zara Chloé perfume dupe

Powdery Magnolia Eau De Toilette, £7.99 (was £15.99), Zara

If you’re keen to give the Zara Chloé perfume dupe a try, you can get Powdery Magnolia in your local store, or order it online for just under £8 while it’s on sale.

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