You can now get a scented candle that smells exactly like Mini Eggs

If you love Cadbury Mini Eggs as much as we do, you’ll probably agree that the hit of sugar when you open a bag is one of the greatest foodie fragrances of our time. And now you can have that sweet sensation all year round, as Yankee Candle has just launched a scented candle that smells just like your favourite treat.

The Chocolate Eggs candle is part of the brand’s new Easter offering, and its aroma perfectly encapsulates the vanilla and chocolate notes of the candy-coated eggs we all flock to buy every April.

mini egg
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The blend is actually more complex than you might expect from the initial description – top notes of chocolate mousse pudding and cocoa aside, it’s tempered by a hit of fruity cranberry, before sugar and vanilla extract are added to give that distinctive finish.

What’s more, Chocolate Eggs comes as a large jar candle, which equates to 623g, or between 110 and 150 hours of burn time –and with a retail price of £23.99, that’s a lot of chocolatey goodness for your upfront investment. We’ve already had a sniff in the YOU mag office, and if a Mini Egg is your go-to snack, we can confidently say you’ll quickly become obsessed with the smell of this. yankee candle chocolate eggs mini egg scented candle

Chocolate Eggs Scented Candle, £23.99, Yankee Candle

However, it’s not the only Easter-themed offering Yankee has introduced this year – you might prefer the equally sweet but rather less cocoa-ey Sweet Bunny Treats candle, with hints of lemon sugar, frothed milk, cake batter, allspice and vanilla. It’s designed to replicate a buttercream-frosted cupcake, and almost good enough to eat.

yankee candle sweet bunny treats

Sweet Bunny Treats Scented Candle, £23.99, Yankee Candle

Despite their very recent launch, the candles have both already won the coveted title of ‘best seller’ on the Yankee Candle website. So if you’re hoping to snap one up as an Easter Sunday gift, we’d highly suggest doing so sooner rather than later.