These are the three worst alcoholic cocktails for your skin

While we all love our evening glass of red wine and the occasional weekend cocktail, most of us are aware that drinking alcohol can affect the health and appearance of our skin.

In fact, according to health and dispensary brand PureOptical, drinking can cause an imbalance of hormones, problems sleeping, and skin ageing.

worst alcoholic cocktails for your skin
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‘Essentially, alcohol is a toxin that holds practically no nutritional value and will rob the skin of its essential nutrients and hydration,’ explains PureOptical’s skincare and health specialist Tammy Richards. ‘Alcohol puts the brakes on the skin’s renewal process causing its repair system to slacken and premature ageing to ensue.’

She continues: ‘The consumption of alcohol has been linked to skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne and rosacea.  Even if you do not typically suffer from these conditions, alcohol is an inflammatory so it is inevitable that you will experience redness and flushing of the skin.’

However, there are some drinks that are worse than others when it comes to damaging the skin; specifically, there are three cocktails that can wreak most havoc.

First up is the mojito, which can contain up to two tablespoons of sugar in each serving. Next is the humble margarita, which not only contains a huge amount of sugar, but also a hefty does of salt. Salt is known to dehydrate skin, meaning skin can feel and look drier than normal.


Then there’s the much-loved porn star martini, which is apparently worst for those that suffer with rosacea. The white wine and prosecco in porn star martinis can trigger rosacea, as they are known to affect the condition.

In terms of the least offensive drinks, tequila has less sugar than other spirits, and beer contains antioxidants and because of its lower alcohol content, has less of a dehydrating effect on skin.

So unfortunately for the sweet-toothed among us, it may be time to pass on the sugary, salty cocktails.