The most popular winter break destinations in Europe

Planning a festive getaway this Christmas? The options are endless. But to help you pick the best destination this December, a new survey has narrowed down the ten most popular destinations for a European winter break –  and yes, they all sound amazing.

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AirHelp, a flights refund agency, put together a survey to identify the most sought after destinations in Europe for festive cheer and a lively atmosphere this Christmas. Their results showed that Amsterdam was the number one city to visit this December, with over 3,800 flights departing from UK airports during the month last year to arrive at Schiphol Airport – though this won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has visited the charming city before. Afterall, it is the peak season for laid-back vibes and crisp scenery.

Number two on the list is Dublin. The Irish capital followed closely with over 3,400 departures from the UK arriving in the city last year. Similarly, the stunning cities of Paris, Geneva and Barcelona also made it into the UK’s top 10 most popular European winter destinations, based on the number of flights.

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10 most popular European flight routes for December

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands (3,800 flights to Schiphol Airport)

2. Dublin, Ireland (3,400 flights to Dublin Airport)

3. Paris, France (1,600 flights to Charles de Gaulle Airport)

4. Geneva, Switzerland (1,500 flights to Geneva International)

5. Frankfurt, Germany (1,100 flights to Frankfurt Airport)

6. Barcelona, Spain (1,000 flights to Barcelona-El Prat)

7. Madrid, Spain (900 flights to Madrid Adolfo Suarez-Barajas Apt)

8. Munich, Germany (900 flights to Munich International Airport)

9. Copenhagen, Germany (800 flights to Copenhagen Kastrup Airport)

10. Alicante, Spain  (850 flights to Alicante Airport)

In order to get their results, AirHelp flight data from December 2017. They found that more than 65,000 flights departed from UK airports last December, meaning we’re all big fans of Christmas getaways.

Interestingly, they also discovered that Tuesdays are the best day of the week to fly in December (over 77 per cent on-time performance), with flights between 10pm and 5:59am being the best for avoiding delays (over 73 per cent on-time performance).