This is why you should actually keep your windows shut during a heatwave

The heatwave is officially upon us and as much as you might love the sunshine,  the soaring temperatures can become quite unbearable – especially if you don’t have built-in air conditioning at home.

As a nation, the UK is notoriously unprepared for any hot weather beyond 30 degrees, and so when it comes to keeping spaces cool, we’re often at a bit of a loss.

windows shut during a heatwave
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Like us, you probably thought that opening up all your windows would be the next best way to get some air and cool down your home. But according to experts, that is actually the last thing you should be doing if you’re trying to reduce temperatures indoors.

A team of interiors specialists from home retailer Hillarys have revealed that we should in fact be keeping our windows shut during a heatwave, as opening them only serves to make your home warmer.

‘Whilst it might be tempting to leave windows open during a heatwave, this might actually cause your house to become warmer,’ they explain. ‘The general rule of thumb is if the temperature outside is greater than it is inside (i.e. during the day) then you should keep the windows shut, as you are just letting hot air in otherwise.

‘Following that same rule, once day turns into evening you can crack the windows open, allowing cooler air into the house. If you must open windows during the day, then open them at opposite sides of the house, as this will cause a cool draught to flow through the house.’

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Windows now shut, but still feeling sticky? The experts let us in on yet another clever hack that could be just as life-changing, explaining that putting ice in front of your fan is a great way to bring cool air into your home.

‘Fans may feel nice on your face, but they actually just circulate the air that goes around the room; it doesn’t necessarily cool you down,’ they said. ‘If you do feel the need to use the fan, there is a handy trick whereby you place a bowl – or bottle – of ice in front of the fan, and the air that blows is a lot cooler.’