Why Kate isn’t spending her 37th birthday with Prince William

Today is the Duchess of Cambridge’s 37th birthday and while it may not be a milestone age, all birthdays are a day worth celebrating. So why is that the royal mother-of-three won’t be spending her big day with husband, Prince William?

Well, just like the rest of us – even the royals have to work on their birthdays (or the birthdays of their loved ones in this case) as duty calls for William, hence why he’ll be absent while his wife celebrates, at least for half of the day.

Kate birthday
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It was confirmed by Kensington Palace last week that William is scheduled to pay a visit to the London Air Ambulance today, to celebrate its 30 year anniversary. The visit is the Prince’s first royal engagement of 2019 and considering the fact that he served as an air ambulance pilot for years, we can imagine his attendance to honour the three decades of its existence is pretty important.

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Besides, we’re sure Kate has plenty of other friends and relatives to be celebrating her birthday with. In fact, she’s probably making the most of her last few days off before her 2019 royal calendar kicks off with her first official engagement taking place next week.

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The Duchess will be visiting King Henry’s Walk Community Garden in Islington, London on Tuesday 15 January, while her siblings-in-law Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will also be back to business as usual next week, making their first official appearance of the year next Monday 14 January, when they visit Birkenhead in Merseyside.

Kensington Palace has revealed that the soon-to-be parents will visit ‘a number of local organisations that support and empower groups within the local community’ while they’re in the area. This will include a charity for women and an organisation for young people.

The news comes shortly after rumours emerged that the Queen has finally given Meghan Markle her first royal job by making her patron of the National Theatre. Could it be anymore fitting?