9 of the best places to buy houseplants online for the ultimate productivity boost

We’re all stuck at home more than ever right now, which may have left you looking around your humble abode realising it needs a bit of a spruce up. The quickest, easiest and chicest way to do that? By filling it with plants, of course!

Where to buy house plants online
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If you’re anything like us and spend hours scrolling through reams of interiors inspo on Instagram and Pinterest, you’ll have noticed all the chicest inside spaces have one thing in common – greenery. From an artfully placed Monstera to a smattering of windowsill cacti or a full-blown indoor jungle Tarzan would be happy to live in, plants are in(side).

Why houseplants are good for you

Indoor plants don’t just look good – a recent study by letterbox flower delivery service Bloom & Wild discovered that being around plants and flowers can boost productivity when working from home. By investigating the psychological impacts of flowers on productivity and stress levels, they found that taking a 30-minute break to arrange a bouquet caused participants’ heart rates to lower and consequently lessen any feelings of anxiety. An undeniable 100 per cent of participants reported feeling happier when working with flowers in view.

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There have been many studies that suggest the irregular patterns found in nature, such as those found in leaves, rocks and natural landscapes (as opposed to the geometric shapes found in man-made life – think skyscrapers, pavements and stairways) can cause humans to feel peaceful, calm and ‘at home’.

The bright colours and fragrant scents of flowers and plants make them a sensory experience, which can trigger several of the ‘happy’ hormones to be released, including dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. These levels can be increased further when flowers or plants are received from a loved one, as you instantly feel closer to that person.

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Convinced you need some greenery in your home? Look no further than these nine online stores to get your green-fingered fix delivered straight to your door.

Where to buy houseplants online: 9 brilliant stores

Patch Plants

Patch Plants are just as renowned for their incredible selection of beautiful plants as they are for their gorgeous range of pots. Their website is full of plant care information and guidance and we particularly love the helpfully-named categories, such as ‘unkillable indoor plants’ and ‘shade-loving indoor plants’.


Bloombox Club

As well as their plant subscriptions, where, from £35, you can receive a handpicked plant and complimentary ceramic pot delivered to your door every month, Bloombox Club also have a wide variety of gorgeous plants to buy individually, helpfully categorised as ones that will either purify the air, help you relax or supercharge your mood.


Bloom & Wild

You may know Bloom & Wild for their letterbox flower delivery service, but did you know they also deliver houseplants? Their small ferns and ‘Love Heart Plants’ come with ingenious pop-up pots and fit through the letterbox, while the not-so-letterbox-sized olive tree will land on the doorstep and makes a wonderful long-lasting gift.


RHS Plants

The delivery times are around 4 weeks for most plants, but the wait will be worth it when your order comes with a 5 year plant guarantee and supports the work of The RHS. With plenty of houseplants available, including these super fun hanging jellyfish air plants, there’s even more outdoor plants, flowers, seeds and bulbs for when you’re ready to graduate to the garden.



Name literally any plant, Crocus almost definitely have it. With over 4000 plant varieties available, from pretty succulents to striking snake plants and everything in between, you’ll be hard pushed not to find what you’re looking for here.



Come to Hortology for the plants and stay for the huge variety of unique and stunning ceramic pots, all at very reasonable prices starting from £4.99. For those who really want to go the extra mile in looking after their leafy friends, there’s also plenty of plant care accessories, from potting mix to atomiser sprays.



Selling both real and artificial plants (for those who really can’t trust themselves not to kill a plant), Bakker’s clever Planty App helps you match the perfect pot to your plant. Touted as the biggest online garden centre in Europe, the website is full of handy plant care information and their selection of indoor plants spans everything from the beautiful to the strange, including orchids, bonsai trees and carnivorous plants.


House of Plants

The UK’s leading houseplants specialist, what these guys don’t know about houseplants isn’t worth knowing. By telling them the size of plant you’re after and how much light the space you want to fill with greenery receives, House of Plants takes the guesswork out of choosing the perfect leafy friend.


Leaf Envy

Take Leaf Envy’s quick plant quiz to get a personalised curated selection of plants that are ideal for you and your home, whether you’re a notorious plant killer in a low-light flat or a green-fingered whizz. They are also currently selling WFH bundles, which are themed mystery boxes full of Leaf Envy’s bestselling plants along with care instructions for each plant plus a bonus trailing plant.