The best time to book your Christmas train tickets has been revealed

We may still be patiently waiting for Halloween, and still have Bonfire Night to come, but with just 10 weeks to go, it’s officially acceptable to say that Christmas is right around the corner. And for many of us, it’s time to start thinking about the journey home for the festive season.

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Travelling during the holidays is never a smooth task. Public transport tends to be overcrowded and train delays are almost inevitable, and worst of all, it’s all out of our control. One thing you can make sure of however, is to get great value for money when booking your train tickets this Christmas.

It is no secret that the earlier you book, the cheaper your train fare will be. But just how early do you need to be? Well, according to Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, you should be booking your tickets right now.

Speaking on a recent episode of ITV’s This Morning, Lewis pointed out that ‘rail firms usually confirm timetables and start selling advance tickets around 8 to 12 weeks before the travel date.’ Therefore, anyone travelling home for Christmas should book their tickets as soon as possible in order to get not only the best rates but secure themselves a seat.

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As some of you may know, travel website Skyscanner – which is usually known for detecting the cheapest flight deals for destinations around the world – recently launched a new Rail feature on their app offering travellers the chance to book train tickets with no booking fee. And to help customers get more value for money, they are also offering a discount code (‘SKYTRAIN’) for £4 off train tickets. All you have to do is download their app and make your booking.

Earlier this month, Skyscanner also revealed the cheapest destinations to travel to by train within the UK, so if you’re headed to Birmingham, Liverpool or Glasgow for Christmas, you’re in luck.