What is an inner facial? The skincare treatment Meghan Markle swears by

Whenever we see a new picture of Meghan Markle, she seems to be sporting an even stronger glow than ever before.

She may have the radiance of love on her side (after all, it’s only three months until she and Prince Harry tie the knot) but the 36-year-old’s stunning skin is also said to be the result of a trick she’s been using for years: the inner facial.


What is an inner facial?

Aesthetician Nichola Joss taught Meghan the technique, which involves ‘looking at the tone texture and condition of your skin and addressing sagging muscles through deep lymphatic massage and contouring techniques.’

‘This treatment involves massage from inside the mouth to de stress the muscle tissue and improve the tone and firmness of the facial muscles to add youth and vitality,’ Nichola explains on her website.

Yes, you did read that correctly – as you can see in the videos below, you and your inner facialist will get to know each other rather intimately, as the lympathic massage involves them using their hands inside your mouth.

However, if you can get over the somewhat unusual nature of the experience, both Nichola and Meghan say that the results are well worth it.

‘It allows the muscle to be healthier and more youthful,’ Nichola said of the method to PEOPLE magazine recently.

‘It adds vitality to the muscle. It makes it softer but stronger, and obviously working from the inside of the mouth really addresses the core element of the muscle.’

Back in 2014, Meghan herself wrote a blog for beauty subscription brand Birchbox professing her love for inner facials, saying that Nichola ‘basically has you sculpt your face from the inside out.’

‘I swear it works, as silly as you may feel,’ the Suits star admitted at the time. ‘On the days I do it, my cheekbones and jawline are waaaay more sculpted.’

And hey – if it’s good enough for a future duchess, we think we could probably be persuaded to give it a go…