5 ways to make perfume last longer, according to Jo Malone

Given the choice, we’d happily smell of our favourite fragrance forever, but it’s a sad truth that the scent of a perfume tends to wear off day-to-day, and in some cases, even after a couple of hours.

Although the regular top-up spritz is inevitable, there are some tricks that you can have up your sleeve (or on your wrist) to make the notes of your favourite bottle go further.

Here are 5 ways to make perfume last longer, according to queen of fragrance Jo Malone:

ways to make perfume last longer
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Start with clean, hydrated skin

Jo recommends that ‘fragrance is sprayed onto a blank skin canvas’ –  ‘this means that skin is at its healthiest to hold the scent,’ she explains. Water base gel-type products are best for the skin and don’t give out as much oil.

Stop rubbing your wrists together

It’s something that most of us do instinctively, but Jo says that our go-to motion when we’ve just sprayed perfume is actually doing more harm than good. ‘Just allow it to dry naturally,’ she advises. ‘Rubbing wrists together changes the way scent performs on your skin.’

Avoid spicy food

We’re not saying you have to cut out rich, flavourful food altogether, but if you’re at an event where you really want your scent to stick, try to avoid snacking on anything spicy. ‘Due to the strong ingredients found in hot dishes, spicy food stops fragrances from progressing through onto the skin,’ says Jo.

Layer your scent

You may well have mastered the art of layering when it comes to your wardrobe, but did you know the same can be said for your sense of smell? ‘Applying a scented body lotion first, followed by an EDT will hold fragrance for longer,’ confirms Jo. Time to finally put those Christmas gift sets to good use…

Paint it on

So you’ve sprayed an EDT in the morning, but halfway through the day, you’ve noticed it fading. Instead of bringing a bottle in your handbag, pack a Jo Loves Fragrance Paintbrush with you to top up throughout the day. The signature gel formula holds the fragrance just as well, but dries in seconds, making it perfect for touching up when you’re on the go.

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