Áine Carlin’s watermelon wedge party cake

Party food doesn’t necessarily have to be unhealthy. While sugar-laden cakes are a welcome occasional treat, sometimes I like to serve something that is both equal amounts virtuous and yummy. There is no conceivable way your guests will be disappointed with this quirky little watermelon cake, especially once you cut into it and reveal its uber-pink interior – cue the ‘wows’.

The toasted coconut gives it some wonderful crunch, while the lightly whipped coconut cream exudes ‘excuse me while I lick the bowl’ factor in abundance. A terrific option for a kids’ party (especially if they’ve already loaded up on sweeties and whatnot), this cake is an easy way to bring things down a notch in the chaos department without them feeling like they’re being cheated. Win-win.

watermelon cake
Danielle Wood


1 small seedless watermelon
250ml carton coconut cream, chilled
grated zest and juice of ½ lime
3 tablespoons agave nectar
50g toasted coconut flakes
4–5 strawberries, halved, to decorate

1. Slice both ends off the watermelon and place it cut-end down on a chopping board. Using a sharp knife cut away the remaining rind to create a loose cake-like shape, trimming the sides to square things up a little. Transfer to a serving plate.

2. Place the chilled coconut cream in a stand mixer, add the lime zest and juice and agave nectar and beat on a high speed until thick, fluffy and cloud-like (alternatively, put everything in a bowl and beat together use a hand-held electric whisk). Refrigerate for 10 minutes to chill and firm.

3. Once chilled, dollop the whipped coconut cream on top of the watermelon and ease it down the sides with a spatula to coat – don’t worry if it slides off to begin with, just work it up the sides until it adheres. Scatter over the toasted coconut and decorate with fresh strawberries. Time to party!

Recipe from Cook Share Eat Vegan: Delicious plant-based recipes for Everyone by Áine Carlin, published by Mitchell Beazley, RRP £20