Waitrose has unveiled its Christmas food for 2020 and we’re hungry already

After a tumultuous year to say the least, we might not know quite how our Christmases will look this year, but we do know one thing for sure: we’re already very excited about Waitrose‘s Christmas food line-up for 2020.

Perhaps sensing our current need for something to look forward to, the supermarket has shared a preview at its festive range, from showstopping centrepieces to sides, puds and even party food (much of which, of course, has a heavy Heston influence).

Is it the tastiest offering so far? That’s for you to decide – scroll on for your first look at the dishes that could be sitting on your dining table this December.

Waitrose Christmas food 2020: Here’s what you’ll see on the shelves this winter

The starter

Heston from Waitrose Citrus Gin Smoked Salmon

Heston from Waitrose Citrus Gin Smoked Salmon, £6.99, Waitrose

Scottish salmon infused with citrus sherbet gin? We’re sold – and yes, that is sparkly gold lustre you see on the edges.

The centrepieces

From a luxury venison Wellington to vegan vegetable parcels with vibrant Moroccan spices, and a loin of pork ‘with the crunchiest crackling imaginable’, there are plenty of alternative ideas for the star of your Christmas table at Waitrose this year. But if you’re partial to traditional turkey, don’t panic – this year’s bird is a free range Bronze turkey crown with thighs, so whichever meat you prefer, your tastes will be catered for. 

Waitrose No 1 British Venison Wellington

No 1 British Venison Wellington, £30, Waitrose

Venison loin topped with a mushroom duxelle made with porcini mushrooms, brandy and thyme.

Vegan Festive Filo Swirls

Vegan Festive Filo Swirls, £6.99 (serves 2), Waitrose

Moroccan inspired spiced vegetables with apricots and raisins in crispy filo pastry.

Waitrose turkey 2020

The Best of Both Free Race Bronze Turkey Crown With Thighs, £65, Waitrose

Easy to cook, super impressive to serve.

Waitrose No 1 Free Range British Woodland Pork Crackling 10 Bone Rack

No 1 Free Range British Woodland Pork Crackling 10 Bone Rack, £12.99/kg, Waitrose

The skin is rubbed with black pepper and sea salt to make the crackling extra crispy.

Waitrose beef shin

Slow Cooked Beef Shin with Merlot and Shallot Sauce, £25, Waitrose

Proper melt in the mouth stuff – all you have to do is bake and glaze.

Heston from Waitrose Christmas Jewelled Stuffing Ballotine

Heston from Waitrose Christmas Jewelled Stuffing Ballotine, £7, Waitrose

Studded with sultanas, cranberries, apple, apricots and candied orange, wrapped in triple oak smoked bacon and coated with a pork crackling crumb.

The sweet stuff

Mince pies and Christmas pudding are taken care of with a Heston twist, but there’s plenty more to discover if you’re not a dried fruit fan, from a sherry trifle terrine to edible chocolate candles (no, really!)

Waitrose The Queen of Trifles

The Queen of Trifles, £12, Waitrose

Layers of sherry soaked sponge, vanilla custard, jelly, meringue and pistachio crumb.

Waitrose cherry and amaretti tiffin

Cherry and Amaretti Tiffin, £13, Waitrose

If you love a classic fridge cake, you’ll adore this combination of biscuit, sultanas and sweet cherry.

Raspberry and Vanilla Pannacotta

Raspberry and Vanilla Pannacotta, £7.50, Waitrose

Bored of traditional Christmas pud? This creamy star could be the perfect twist.

No 1 Black Forest Roulade

No 1 Black Forest Roulade, £8, Waitrose

Crisp meringue filled with chocolate semifreddo, cherry and kirsch sauce and whole amarena cherries, topped off with a hint of glitter.

Waitrose Heston Chocolate Candles

Heston from Waitrose Chocolate Candles, £9 for 5, Waitrose

Mandarin buck’s fizz milk chocolate ganache inside a white chocolate candle. A perfect gift, to self or otherwise.

Waitrose Heston Night Before Christmas Mince pies

Heston From Waitrose The Night Before Christmas Mince Pies, £3.50 for 6, Waitrose

A clock-face top with carrot and caraway shortcrust pastry, stuffed with mincemeat, vine fruits, carrot, and cream sherry. The sugar on top is smoke flavoured.

Waitrose Heston sherry and balsamic vinegar Christmas pudding

Heston from Waitrose Sherry & Balsamic Vinegar Christmas Pudding, £14, Waitrose

Well, Heston was never going to make a straigthforward Christmas pud, was he.

The party food

Waitrose cheese nougat

Cheese Nougat, £3, Waitrose

Turning the classic sweet on its head with Wensleydale cheese dotted with Madeira-soaked raisins and berries.

Waitrose Maple and Bacon Whorls

Maple and Bacon Whorls, £6.50 for 10, Waitrose

Pork sausage meat taken to another level with smoked bacon and maple syrup.

Waitrose Pork and 'Nduja Croquettes

Pork and ‘Nduja Croquettes, £6 for 10, Waitrose

Spicy bites with red pepper flakes. We bet you can’t stop at one.

Waitrose Creamy Smoked Salmon Tarts

Creamy Smoked Salmon Tarts, £6 for 10, Waitrose

Beetroot pastry with smoked salmon, lemon and crème fraîche.

So, who else is adding Waitrose Christmas food 2020 buys to their mental list already?