This £20 serum has thousands of rave reviews for making fine lines ‘disappear’

When you think Amazon, you don’t necessarily think hidden beauty gems – but every now and then, a product comes along that proves otherwise. Viola Skin’s Vitamin C serum is a case in point – it’s a bestseller on the online retail giant, with thousands of reviewers saying that it’s transformed their skin for the better.

The serum is infused with hyaluronic acid, a hydrating ingredient that’s known for its plumping, youth-enhancing properties, as well as vitamin C to aid brightening and cell renewal, and nourishing oils like jojoba and aloe. These skincare powerhouses have come together to make a unique, non-greasy serum that’s been dubbed ‘a face lift without the needles’.

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On Amazon, where it’s available for a not unreasonable £20, the serum has been praised for its ability to reduce the appearance of everything from fine lines and wrinkles to age spots and acne scarring, with more than 3,000 positive reviews.

‘Tried this based on the good reviews. Have been amazed,’ one purchaser wrote. ‘Two days later I could see a difference. My husband has now started using it too, so we are onto our second bottle. Someone thought I was in my 30’s the other day. I was thrilled. I’m 45!’

‘Definitely going to buy this again,’ another agreed. ‘I had an annoying wrinkle on my forehead and my smile lines. And this serum is really improving my skin as those wrinkles are literally disappearing.’

Viola Skin Vitamin C Serum

Viola Skin Vitamin C Skin Serum, £20, Amazon

There is a slight catch – because it’s available from a variety of third party sellers, the cost of the serum can fluctuate depending on stock levels with each supplier, so it’s worth bookmarking the link and keeping your eyes peeled for the lower prices when they become available.

In fact, some fans of the serum say they even purchase two bottles at a time when it’s for sale to ensure they have a steady supply at all times – so make sure you’re first in line when the next drop lands!