Victoria Beckham’s facialist says you should be triple cleansing

We all know that cleansing is an essential step in our skincare routine, and in recent years, skincare experts have agreed that cleansing once just isn’t enough, particularly if you wear make-up.

Double cleansing is a phenomenon that’s quickly become the norm. While the first step sees make-up removed usually with an oil or balm cleanser, the secondary cleanse is done with a cream, gel or foam that is then washed off. Think of it as a two-step process of removing makeup, and then actually cleaning the face itself.

However, one expert is convinced that not even double cleansing is sufficient these days, and has become an advocate of triple cleansing. Melanie Grant – whose starry clientele includes none other than Victoria Beckham – has told Elle that she recommends cleansing the skin not once, not twice, but three times in the evening.

Describing her night-time routine, the skincare expert said: ‘I do an oil like the Chanel Sublimage Oil to gel cleanser, then I use a lactic acid cleanser. After that, I still finish with a micellar water on a cotton pad because then I know things are perfectly clean.’

Yes, that’s three cleansing steps: an oil, lactic acid cleanser, and then a micellar water to finish things off. Impressive.

VB’s facialist also shared the rest of her routine, explaining that she reaches for an antioxidant serum (usually vitamin C) in the morning, and at night she uses a retinol, followed by an oil or night cream.

Grant also shared that she likes to exfoliate using a liquid formula twice a week; ‘I like lactic acid because it’s more gentle, but thicker or oiler skin will like a glycolic acid. Salicylic is good if you’re getting blemishes,’ she said.

While triple cleansing may sound excessive, one look at Melanie’s incredible skin may have you convinced it’s necessary!