Victoria Beckham bought David a very unique £7.50 birthday gift

This week David Beckham celebrated his 44th birthday, undoubtedly with a veritable showering of gifts from friends and family – but perhaps the most surprising present of the day came from his wife Victoria.

On his Instagram account, David shared a story of the package he’d just opened from his other half: two ‘clean’ stick deodorants from French pharmacy brand La Roche Posay.

David and Victoria Beckham
Getty Images

‘Clean deodorant from my wife,’ he wrote in the caption for the picture, which also featured a box of new shirt cuffs and ‘cheeky cards from the kids’.

La Roche Posay deodorant offers 24 hour protection – perfect for the busy sportsman on the go – and retails in various forms for around £7.50 at retailers like Boots, although David’s particular stick version seems a little harder to track down in the UK.

While this might be expensive for an everyday essential, we imagine it’s one of the more affordable gift bestowed upon David to mark his big day. And it’s possible that giving David product may be Victoria’s way of protecting her own stash, as he’s admitted in the past that he often borrows beauty products from his wife.

‘My approach to grooming was always to steal my wife’s products,’ the footballer admitted previously to Into The Gloss.

La Roche-Posay Physiological Deodorant Stick, £7.21, Easy Para Pharmacie

‘That was kind of it, really. I’d always been aware of how I wanted my hair to look, stuff like that, but I was also in a career where I was always outside—whether I was living in Manchester, living in Madrid, LA…all these different places with different weather.’

‘I had to take care of my skin because of that, but the way I looked after it was to steal my wife’s stuff, because I know she has the best.’

Whether or not this extends to personal care items remains to be seen, but either way, David is starting his 44th year with the tools to stay fresh for a long time!