This new make-up brand is leading the way for inclusivity in beauty

It’s taken far too long, but the beauty industry has been making more of an effort in recent years to become more inclusive, and to speak to all demographics, taking into consideration all races, genders, sizes and disabilities. However, it still has a long way to go, and many major well-known brands still face backlash due to their limited shade ranges and advertising.

It’s therefore incredibly refreshing to hear about new start up beauty brands, which are putting inclusivity first. UOMA, for example, is an upcoming line that is ‘dedicated to all who’ve been left out’.

Created by former LVMH executive Sharon Chuter, UOMA wishes to promote inclusivity, and spread the message that ‘beauty comes in every colour’. Launching tomorrow, the brand is set to release products including a foundation that comes in an impressive 51 shades. It will also be available in 6 different formulas depending on your skin type and tone.

Discussing the lack of diversity within beauty currently, Chuter told GLAMOUR:

‘When I started my journey with UOMA Beauty I understood how big the problem was but boy I was in for a surprise.’

She continued: ‘It was much worse than I had anticipated. Most of the leading labs in the world that have been manufacturing the top products for decades had no idea what to do for dark skin. Most foundation formulas that are developed are not even tested to see if they can create shades in spectrum V and VI which is dark skin. Yes, some brands are providing huge shade ranges yet the dark shades have never been tested on people with dark skin.’

This culture was the motivation Chuter needed to set up UOMA, and she hopes for more brands like this in future.

She added: ‘[I hope for] a future where we embrace diversity as an expression of unity. It sounds like a paradox but it is truly the way forward in creating a world where everyone is allowed to be their authentic selves, yet get a seat on the table and right now we are in the process of figuring out what that table looks like.’

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