Trinny Woodall has given this £4.39 body creme her seal of approval

Scent is a powerfully evocative sense that can transport you to a place, conjure up a person or time travel you to a moment from your past in an instant. And never is this more true than with skincare – as women, we often go through phases of using certain products at certain points in our lives, meaning just a mere whiff of that product can momentarily transport you back to that time.

Trinny Woodall recently filmed a video for her Instagram page about four such products: ‘cult classics’ that evoke certain specific memories because she’s used them in the past.

Trinny Woodall
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Never one to shy away from a budget beauty buy, one of the products she spoke of was Nivea Creme, an all-purpose moisturising cream that can be used for the hands, body or face that’s been on shelves for over 100 years – surely a testament to its effectiveness.

‘I’ve used [this] for 50 years, and it is in fact 1911 that it came out, which is Nivea Creme,’ started Trinny. ‘Now, it’s very rare that the smell of a product that you originally bought might maintain for that long a time, but as soon as I smell this it takes me back. It takes me back to skiing holidays in Switzerland, I don’t know why, but I put it on everywhere. It is that kind of all-purpose cream, it’s got very old fashioned ingredients, Lanolin, alcohol…

‘You know, you put it on, it takes a while to rub in, it’s a barrier – this is the true concept of a barrier cream. But I used to slather it on everywhere, I’d go on holiday, it was the only cream I took along with [me]… And there’s something still about it, that little tin which you can not easily get now, the original one, which I used to keep in my jacket and always have with me, so it hasn’t changed much for me really.’

Nive Creme

Nivea Creme All Purpose Body Cream 200ml, £4.39, Boots

When it comes to skincare, we often think the more expensive the product is, the better it will perform. And while there are certainly lots of products out there that do live up to their price tag, sometimes you don’t need to spend more than a fiver for a tried, trusted and tested product that does exactly what it promises. At £4.39 for a 200ml pot, that’s exactly what Nivea Creme is – and now it has Trinny’s expert seal of approval, too.