The pore-blurring primer that sold out four times in a row is back in stock

The term ‘miracle’ gets bandied around a lot in the world of beauty – but when it comes to Trinny London Miracle Blur, it really could be the descriptor that the product deserves.

After developing a reputation amongst those in the know, the pore-refining, fine line-ironing primer from Trinny Woodall‘s make-up brand has sold out four times in a row, once in just 24 hours, generating a waiting list of more than 11,000 people in the process.

Trinny London miracle blur
A before-and-after shot of the product used around the eyes. Image: Trinny London

The stackable pot (the trademark of Trinny London’s make-up line, allowing you to take multiple products on the go) contains a balm that’s infused with collagen and elastin to plump and smooth the skin, as well as vitamins C and E for added moisture.

When the ‘invisible filler’ is applied to the skin, magic happens – wrinkles appear reduced, scars, pits and marks are masked, and the entire complexion gains a sudden radiance. Whether you use it as a base for your make-up or over the top as a finishing touch, the difference is clear.

Trinny London miracle blur
Trinny before and after Miracle Blur is applied around the lips. Image: Trinny London

Even YOU’s beauty director Edwina Ings-Chambers is a fan: ‘It’s a clever little pot of magic that can make small wrinkles “vanish”,’ she wrote back in January.

‘Do not expect it to cover up deep lines or face crags – I tried it on my “11” frown lines with no joy. But smaller lines, such as those about the lips, are filled into invisibility. A great smoothing operator.’

If you’re not on the blurring bandwagon yet, there’s excellent news: you can jump on now, as the eagerly-awaited product has finally been restocked, and is available for a not unreasonable £26 (reviewers, who have given the primer an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars, say a little goes a long way, so it’s an investment built to last).

Miracle Blur, £26, Trinny London

However, if you take anything from the frenzy around the product, it should be that it goes as quickly as it comes – we’d suggest placing your order now to avoid having to join the list for yet another drop.