Trinny has shared a hack for improving the appearance of hooded eyelids and it’s genius

As we get older, the skin on our faces and necks can tend to lose elasticity, mainly due to the fact collagen levels are depleting. One area this can really take effect is around the eyes, where eyelids can become looser and ‘hooded lids’ can be the result. Luckily for us, Trinny Woodall has the ultimate hack that’ll help to exercise your eyelids to combat this over time — and it’s totally free. 

Speaking to Glamour UK, Trinny — whose eponymous makeup line is now the stuff of beauty legend — shared her hack for giving your eyelids a unique little workout. Sounds strange, we know, but bear with us…

Trinny hooded eyelids hack

“By a certain age most women I know have a hooded lid, unless they have a deep hollow in the eye socket. So this is my suggestion for dealing with the overhang,” Trinny began. 

“Place your finger just under the middle of the brow and push it up, then open and close your eye 30 times and you’ll tighten the skin between your eyeliner and brow. Again it’s good to do when when sitting on the loo in the morning. It’s like a Facegym routine for the eyes.”

The brand founder also shared some tips about giving yourself an all-over facial workout, meaning it’s not just your eyes that will feel the benefits. 

“I’m obsessed with doing facial massage in the morning as we need to oxygenate our skin. You can do it with just your fingers,” she said. “Don’t just rub the face, but focus on lymphatic drainage, working from the clavicle with two fingers and pressing in a butterfly motion before releasing. Do this twenty times and then go up under the chin and push in and slightly pulsate. Then move up to the nose and push slightly either side.”

“It’s a daily ritual I’ll do when sitting on the loo,” she hilariously added. 

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