Topshop has launched a high street version of this cult designer bag

Each season brings a new ‘it’ trend in the world of fashion, whether it’s a midi dress everyone is loving or a pair of boots that are flying off the shelves. This time around, it’s a cult bag by Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta that we can’t get enough of. In fact, the craze has become so big that high street favourite Topshop has launched a dupe.

Whether you’re a proud owner of the popular Padded Cassette Bag or have simply spent hours drooling over it on Instagram like us, you’ll certainly be no stranger to the chic accessory – it is everywhere.

Not only is Rosie Huntingon-Whiteley a big fan but endless influencers have been showing it off on social media, each styling it in a unique way demonstrating just how versatile (and gorgeous) the bag is.

However, like most designer hits it comes with a hefty price tag meaning it is out of reach for many of us – or at least those of us who don’t have a spare £1,850 to drop on it.

But it turns out that doesn’t mean we’ll be missing out completely as has released its very own take on the bag of the moment which looks just as stylish only for a much more purse-friendly price.


Black Weave Cross Body Bag, £25, Topshop

The retailer’s Weave Cross Body Bag is the ultimate statement accessory. Just like the original, it is available in a number of different shades including white, black, blue, grey and camel. And the best bit? It is available for just £25, just a tiny fraction of the high-end version.

While Topshop’s dupe is very impressive, it does have a few differences from the Bottega Veneta design including a lack of padding and alternative straps that don’t come with a gold buckle. However, when you consider the substantial saving, we’d say it’s pretty stunning nonetheless.