TikTok’s tastiest hits: Strawberry sorbet recipe

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Whiz frozen berries with a little honey and lemon or lime juice for an instant strawberry sorbet recipe.

You’ll need a sturdy food processor (we used a Magimix) to blend the frozen berries, but the result is a smooth and refreshing sorbet.

Ellis Parrinder

Strawberry sorbet recipe:


400g frozen strawberries
1⁄2 lime, juiced
2-3 tbsp honey

STEP 1 Take the strawberries out of the freezer and leave them at room temperature for 10 minutes to thaw a little.

sorbet 1
Ellis Parrinder

STEP 2 Place in a food processor and pulse to start breaking them down. Add 3 tbsp warm water, the lime juice and honey then whiz continuously until you have a smooth consistency (it may take a minute or two – keep whizzing and scraping down the sides as needed).

sorbet 2
Ellis Parrinder

STEP 3 Taste and add more lime juice or honey if needed, then scrape into a freeze-proof container. Freeze for 2 hours before serving. If you freeze it for longer, you may need to leave at room temperature for a few minutes before scooping.

sorbet 3
Ellis Parrinder

TIP You can buy bags of frozen strawberries, or freeze your own. They will vary in sweetness, so add as much lime juice and honey as needed. A pinch of salt can help to bring out the flavour in this strawberry sorbet recipe.

Compiled by Eleanor Maidment. Food styling: Katie Marshall. Styling: Charlie Phillips.

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