This is the most popular beauty treatment of 2019 & of every year prior

If you’re into beauty and self-care, chances are having a treatment is one of the prime ways you take care of yourself and get to relax. From having a massage to getting your toenails done, there’s really nothing better.

But surprisingly, 2019’s most popular beauty treatment isn’t as traditional as the humble manicure or invigorating sports massage. In fact, according to Yelp, who charted the most popular beauty trends and treatments over the 15 years it has been in operation, it’s a specific type of facial that won the top spot.


The hydrafacial won out over other treatments this year, boasting a ‘meteoric rise’ over the past five years, according to Yelp. So just what is a hydrafacial? Pretty simply, it involves using a device that cleanses and exfoliates skin, and focuses on deep hydration and moisture. Our obsession with dewy, radiant skin clearly comes into play here.

As well as the hydrafacial, Yelp 15’s report noted that dermaplanning and microneedling within facials were also becoming very popular.


If you’re wondering which treatments were most popular in the years prior to 2019, take a look at this comprehensive list:

2005 – Lash Tint
2005 – Brazilian Bikini Wax
2005 – Eyebrow Shaping
2005 – Body Scrub/Body Wraps
2005 – Tanning Bed
2006 – Lip Plumping
2011 – Keratin
2012 – Microdermabrasion
2012 – Laser Hair Removal
2013 – Drybar
2013 – Blowout
2014 – Spray Tan
2016 – Nail Art
2016 – Permanent Makeup
2016 – Eyebrow Tattoo
2017 – Lash Extension
2017 – Eyebrow Dye / Tint
2017 – Chemical Peel
2017 – Tattoo Removal
2018 – Sugaring
2018 – Teeth Whitening
2019 – Dermaplaning
2019 – Coolsculpting
2019 – Laser Facial
2019 – Fillers
2019 – Emsculpt
2019 – Hydrafacial
2019 – Ultherapy
2019 – Kybella
2019 – Collagen
2019 – Nail Art
2019 – Vaginal Steaming
2019 – Lash Lift
2019 – Microneedling

As you can see, also popular this year are lash lifts, nail art, fillers, laser facials, and perhaps most surprisingly, vaginal steaming.

Last year was all about teeth whitening and sugaring, while the year before saw chemical peels and lash extensions take centre stage.

When you look way back to 2005, which was a whopping 15 years ago now, you will see that Brazilian waxes and tanning beds were in. Oh how the times are changing…