This Country’s Daisy May Cooper is writing a new comedy show

Fans of the hit mockumentary sitcom This Country can rejoice as its creators, Daisy May Cooper and her brother Charlie Cooper, are working on something new.

While the last episode of This Country aired earlier this year, leaving a big Kerry and Kurtan-shaped whole in our lives, Daisy recently put our minds at rest as she revealed that we can start to look forward to the next comedy output from the brother and sister duo.

Daisy May and Charlie Cooper
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Speaking to Kate Thornton on her podcast White Wine Question Time, Daisy revealed that, while the new venture will stay firmly in the land of comedy, it will be completely different to This Country.

‘Charlie and I have just started writing our new thing,’ the actor and writer revealed, before continuing: ‘It’s a period thing so it couldn’t be more different from This Country but it’s funny.’

Daisy May and Charlie Cooper
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She added that they’re still in the ‘very early days’ of writing and crafting their new show, but that she’s already enjoying writing for a different cast of characters: ‘It’s just been brilliant actually writing for different characters,’ Daisy said. ‘With This Country we couldn’t kind of write names for famous actors, it would have to be unknown so it’s actually quite funny to have an actor in mind and be able to write a part for him specifically.’

Daisy May Cooper
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As it’s still in the early stages we don’t have any more information on the new show at the moment, but with comedic geniuses Daisy and Charlie at the helm, we can count on it being one to look forward to.

Meanwhile, we still have the wonder that is Daisy May Cooper‘s hilarious TikTok and Instagram videos (aka the gifts that keep on giving) to see us through until the new show from the funniest brother and sister duo lands on telly.