Could the ‘two treat rule’ be the key to weight loss?

If you’re trying to lose weight, it can be tempting to put a blanket ban on anything you consider to be ‘unhealthy’ – but according to nutritionist Amanda Baker Lemein, M.S., R.D, you don’t have to cut out your favourite treats altogether.

During an interview with Women’s Health magazine, Amanda explained that she recommends that her clients follow a ‘two treat rule’ when they’re working on getting in shape, and it’s a trick that allows them to achieve their goals without feeling totally deprived.

‘I came up with this as a way to quantify for my clients what “moderation” means,’ Amanda explained to the mag. ‘It’s unrealistic to think that you’ll never encounter another cupcake or piece of pizza ever again in your life. If you’re told you can never have a food that you love again, it becomes all that more enticing to you.’

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So the saying ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’ does actually ring true – but how much of those fanciful foods should you be tucking into, and how often? Amanda’s two treat rule allows you to have two servings per week, as long as you make sure that they’re portion controlled.

The rest of the time, she says that you should be enjoying a range of balanced, nutritious meals and snacks, with a focus on plant-based produce, whole grains and lean protein, as well as the usual fruits and veggies.

However, serving up that slice of cake or bowl of cheesy pasta on a regular basis not only means that you know you have something a little more indulgent to look forward to, it’s likely to prevent you from giving in to fat, carb or sugar cravings as soon as they strike.

Simple, but we think that it could be rather effective…