The negroni cocktail is set to be the trendiest drink of the summer

From fruit-flecked Pimms to a chilled glass of vino, everyone has their go-to summer tipple – but we find that with the change of the season comes our urge to try something a little different.

Whether your tastes veer to fruity or rich, sour or sweet, there’s always a new cocktail to try (or an old one to revisit), and this year, according to the people in the know at Tatler magazine, it should be the negroni.

This pleasantly bitter blend of equal parts gin, Campari and rosso (red) vermouth, garnished with a perfect swirl of citrus, is best enjoyed over ice, making it the ideal drink to sip when the sun is shining. In its native Italy, it’s often enjoyed as a pre-dinner treat to whet you appetite, or after dining as a palate cleanser.

‘Currently the big-hitter, the top dog,’ Tatler says of the negroni. ‘VERY happening. Even people who don’t like them (they are super-bitter) are drinking them.’


Also on the list of trendiest drinks for 2018 were the eternally popular G&T (‘A classic turned hip’) and whisky (‘No longer just for men’). In fact, they went as far as to declare all alcohol to be ‘unisex’, meaning fruity cocktails with garnishes and straight bourbon for all.

However, the title adds that this year, you don’t want to be seen dead ordering anything infused with either elderflower or cucumber, or (must to our personal disappointment), a glass of pretty-in-pink rosé.

Of course, their instructions are tongue-in-cheek, and therefore to be taken with a very large pinch of salt (preferably around the rim of your margarita, we’d say). But it is interesting to see how fashions can come and go, even in the world of beverages.

After all, as Tatler notes, ‘last year’s Aperol could be next year’s Babycham…’