Your happy space, sorted: The Home Edit’s secrets to keeping your home organised and stylish

The secret to keeping your home organised and stylish? Focus on the things you love, say declutterers to the A-list Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, aka The Home Edit. 

It’s OK to own things. Especially if these things make you happy. Or ‘spark joy’, to borrow a phrase from organising consultant Marie Kondo.

Yes, it’s appropriate to own things for your kids, your work, and all the various aspects of your life – the trick is to know what you are really passionate about. You may be an avid reader, cook or shoe collector; that will dictate what goes in your space.

Once you understand what you love, you can start the gratifying task of curating and organising the space to make it work for you.

Keep or chuck? The Home Edit’s four golden rules

When you see the item:

  • You feel pleasantly satisfied. Hooray, it gets displayed.
  • You are glad you have it. Keep it stored away safely.
  • You keep forgetting that you have it, but are really going to remember to use it this time. OK, if you haven’t used it within six months it has to go.
  • It reminds you about your to-do list to get rid of things you don’t need. What are you waiting for? GET RID!

If your response to a particular item falls into category 1 or 2, then owning it purely because it makes you happy is fine by us. In fact, it’s encouraged.

If cooking brings you joy…

Display rather than hide away

The Home edit elsie Larson rainbow glasses
Clea Shearer

In lifestyle blogger Elsie Larson’s home, every colour of the rainbow is appreciated and emphasised. When we came to organise her kitchen, the wall of carefully curated glasses made us stop in our tracks.

Though we had already seen it on Instagram, in real life it was something else entirely. We just had to organise the cabinets and drawers around such a masterpiece. For a selection of similar coloured glassware try

Make functional pieces look fabulous

elsie larson cabinet
Clea Shearer

We styled the shelves on the other side of Elsie’s glass cabinet with copper kitchenware pieces to form a more muted stylish display which also helped to free the kitchen work surfaces. For similar copper pans and utensils try

If fashion is your thing…

the home edit wardrobe
Clea Shearer

Give your bags space

Handbags reigned supreme in singer Mandy Moore’s wardrobe. We highlighted the collection by hooking totes and handbags on to the rail, while clutches and purses were organised into acrylic dividers on the dresser.

Organise your shoes

the home edit wardrobe 2
Clea Shearer

Singer Jessie James Decker had been collecting shoes for years. We positioned her most frequently worn pairs closer to the bottom of the wardrobe for accessibility, and opted for a rainbow effect down the middle of the shelves to create a focal point. The side stalls were used for the neutral and black options to balance the look. We stored the trainers, slides and slippers in baskets to keep them easily accessible but concealed from view. For a similar bespoke shelving unit try; a wide selection of storage baskets can be found at

Itemise accessories

accessories storage
Clea Shearer

For Jessie’s fashion accessories such as clutches and belts, we added an over-the-door unit with labelled hanging baskets. For similar hanging storage options try

If you love reading…

Colour code your books

rainbow bookshelf
Clea Shearer

Can’t bear to edit your book collection? Then make it part of an organised display rather than letting it tumble from the shelves to the floor. This eye-catching arrangement works well in a children’s room, adding a splash of colour and inviting young readers to pick them up. For a similar bookshelf try

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the home edit life

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