The world’s first ‘half and half’ hotel room for couples who can’t agree just opened

Planning a holiday with your partner can be tricky – especially if you’ve got completely different tastes in accommodation and or worse, if your holiday happens to fall at the exact time you’ve been arguing.

Well, one hotel might just have made things a little easier for those in that position by creating the world’s first ever ‘half and half’ hotel room.

The Curtain

The Curtain Hotel in London’s Shoreditch has launched a brand new suite which splits right down the middle with one side having a completely different design to the other – including the bed.

The room, entitled the ‘So Extra, So Chic’ suite features one maximalist and one minimalist side meaning couples who can’t agree on interiors can both get what they want. And better yet, if you’re bickering with your other half but still want to be close to them, you get the best of both worlds as the room can make you feel like you’re in two completely different spaces while still being physically together. Clever, eh?

As reported by Evening Standard, the genius idea comes from hotel booking site,, who teamed up with celebrity stylist Johnny Wujek to create the ‘extra’ side while working with influencer Kaitlyn Ham to design the ‘chic’ side of the hotel room.

‘I wanted my side of the room to feel exciting and ‘extra’ but also comfy and cosy,’ Wujek explained in a statement. ‘It’s a touch of overgrown Great Expectations with a dash of California casual. Style is all about self-expression and, clearly, I have a lot to express. Baby, you better stand out in this world.’

Meanwhile Ham said: ‘I took inspiration from modern mid-century design to create a space that feels open and calming. All the pieces were chosen for their style and functionality with a focus on quality. The space should feel modern and light yet have an inviting warmth that makes it feel like home.’

The room will be available to book from 30 September via with rates starting at £250 per night.