5 of the biggest questions about BBC’s The Apprentice answered

The Apprentice returned to our TV screens earlier this month and already, the competition is rife between the contestants.

The Apprentice

Already the teams have had to sell South African safari trips, make their own brand of gourmet ice lollies and sell kids’ toys (we for one, thought the turtle was adorable) but getting back into the swing of the show has once again raised all the questions we’ve always wanted an answer to.

Things like, where exactly is Lord Alan Sugar’s boardroom? Do the contestants get to pocket the profits they make in the challenges? And for crying out loud, where in London can we find The Bridge Cafe to have our own post-boardroom trauma cuppa and debrief?

Luckily for you, we’ve got the answers. Here are some of the show’s biggest secrets uncovered…

Where do the profits from the challenges go?

Despite viewer theories, the money made on the show is indeed real and so are the sales figures mentioned. However, the contestants don’t actually get to keep their own profits. Instead, all the money made is donated to charity. A spokesperson from The Apprentice told Radio Times: ‘Any profit made from the sale of products created in the programme is given to charity.’

Where is Lord Alan Sugar’s boardroom?

Judging by the establishing shots throughout the show, viewers would assume that the famous boardroom is located in some of the skyscrapers in Canary Wharf, London’s financial district. But actually, Lord Alan’s boardroom is actually located in a studio in Brentwood, Essex. Yes, really. ‘In order to set up and manoeuvre those cameras properly without interrupting proceedings,’ the BBC once revealed, ‘the series director needs to work from a gallery. Therefore it is not possible to film the boardroom scenes from Lord Sugar’s real boardroom.’

The Apprentice

Where is The Apprentice cafe?

Fans of The Apprentice know that The Bridge Cafe is an iconic feature in the show as it is where the losers of the week’s challenge congregate at the end of each episode to wash down their sorrows with a cup of tea. But does the cafe exist in real life? And more importantly, if so, where is it?

Well, according to the show’s producers, they actually use two different London-based cafes to film the segments. The first is the one that has the recognizable ‘The Bridge’ sign at the front of it, this is located in West Acton. Meanwhile the second cafe the show use is based in Willesden.

Where is the contestants’ shared house?

It looks like everyone involved in the show have their fair share of commuting around London. Not only are the boardroom and cafe scenes filmed literally on the opposite sides of the city, but the contestant’s swanky shared home (which according to the i is estimated to be worth around £13 million) is located in an ‘exclusive’ address in West London’s Notting Hill/Holland Park area.

How long do The Apprentice contestants really have to get ready?

In said house, we’ve all seen the 4am calls of 20 mins after the group are summoned by Lord Sugar’s team, but do they actually manage to get up, dressed, showered and sorted in those narrow time frames?

Well, on Twitter, Claude Littner told one fan who asked ‘do the candidates really only have 20 minutes to get ready after the phone call? They all look groomed to the max’ that they all ‘prepare the night before, as they know they are on task the following morning. They don’t know where or when or any clue about the task.’ So now you know.